Tanam Untuk Kehidupan
Main main aja

Discarded paper and plastic packaging
Dimensions variable

TUK is a collective formed in 2006 in Salatiga, a small city at the foot of Mount Merbabu in Central Java, Indonesia. Made up largely of craftspeople without formal art educations, the group is the initiative of a new generation of young people frustrated by their restricted political voice and the lack of exhibition spaces, study opportunities, and employment prospects in creative industries. In Bahasa Indonesia, ‘Tanam Untuk Kehidupan’ translates literally as ‘Planting For Life’, and ‘tuk’ in Javanese means ‘water source’. TUK members have adapted a festival model to address local environmental issues such as the depletion and contamination of ancient springs, rubbish disposal and deforestation, and describe their practice as “art that sidesteps artists’ egos through a collective process of design and implementation”. The works shown here are from TUK’s Festival Mata Air, and were made in workshops with local communities, using discarded household materials.