Welcome to the newest outing for Art in the Park, Cross-pollinations, an exhibition that brings together works by local and far-flung artists in the hope of expanding critical dialogue around the nature and use of public space in the city.

The selected works are by turns poetic and subversive, and draw upon a variety of artistic media including urban detritus, organic matter, domestic artefacts, sound, and even the park’s own living weeds. All represent an intervention of sorts, into how we ordinarily move through and interact with the spaces around us, and into how we share our cities and their occasional patches of green.

Revisiting the site’s former role as a nursery and hothouse, the exhibition also seeks to propagate new perspectives on how our ‘natural’ environment is understood, shaped and contested. While only a handful of the works are site-specific, all are in some way responsive to this central concern.

We hope you enjoy engaging with these works and with the community that hosts them.

Tessa Rapaport & Karl Logge